Client Testimonials

Custody Case

Sahmra helped me get through a custody dispute. I was able to arrange a meeting after discovering her services through an online search. After meeting several other attorneys I was confident she was the one to help me. Sahmra is a straight shooter. She aligned my expectation for litigation (I was not an easy client) and achieved joint custody of son. I hired an attorney and at the end of the road I have gained a sister.

Cortez | March 17, 2018


This is the best Attorney by far. My husband and I have 2 children, we lived in CT for a couple of years. He abandoned the children and myself, without any forwarding address. After about 2 years I located him and filed for child support. Even after that, he completely cut off all communication with his children.

After investigation, I found out that he moved to Maryland and shacked up with a woman. He then filed for a divorce only, in Maryland, without alimony, visitation or any child support arrangement, even though the kids and I have never visited or lived in Maryland, instead of filing in CT where we reside.

I did my research and hired Attorney Sahmra, who literally took my hand and walked me through the process like a big sister. She made it so simple for me to understand my options. She then filed a motion to dismiss/transfer case to CT where we all lived, so that the divorce can be handled in its entirety. She kept me in the loop all the way.

My husband’s attorney tried to fight it. However, Sahmra used her knowledge of the law and her dedication to fight tooth and nail for justice. Though she worked hard and won, she made it look so effortless. The case was finally dismissed in Maryland, and filed in the state of CT.

Words are not enough to explain how much I appreciate and admire her dedication and drive, considering all our meetings were 100% by phone, since I lived hundreds of miles away.

I recommend Sahmra without a doubt! Not only will she represent you well, but will also walk with you every step of the way, so you won’t feel like you are just another number.


April | January 27, 2018

Child custody

We contacted this firm for advice and how to proceed with full custody of our grandson. We were given information that were helpful and honest. The dynamics involving our grandson changed and we didn’t have to proceed with filing full custody. Should the arrangement changed we will not hesitate to contact this firm for filing full custody. I would recommend them for their prompt and honest service.

Leonora | January 16, 2018

Supportive, Compassionate an Honest

I needed an attorney to help me with my Child Custody/Visitation Modification, after a botched 1st attempt in another county. She jumped right in! I appreciated her keen insight of the local legal system, ability to articulate exactly what needed to be done, and setting expectations for what was to come. Whether it was exactly what I wanted or not, she helped me to have perspective in a way I was too emotional to see on my own. She is honest, compassionate and genuinely wants you to “win” so you can live your best life. Sahmra is an excellent attorney and knows what she is doing. She knows and practices the law wonderfully, but takes it a step further by being a good person first. We reached the finish line, and I have no doubt I would have made it there without her help. I am truly grateful and I enjoyed working with her.

Anonymous | December 15, 2017