Client Testimonials

A Ray of Hope for Fathers

I was at a lost. My son was taken from me by a bitter woman 3 years ago. The minute I ended the relationship, the minute I lost custody and was put on child support. I was hurting deep inside. Being controlled by the mother. Almost gave up on the fight for my only son. I knew I wasn’t unfit but so many lies and falsehoods were against me that I did not think there was a Lawyer on the face of the earth that could help me until At the last minute, just before I gave up I came across this great Lawyer. She believed in my quest for father’s rights and the minute we stepped in the courtroom I felt a sense of calm. She was sent by God. In the end although we are waiting on the ruling I feel confident that she represented me in the best way possible. I would recommend her to any FATHER or MOTHER fighting for what is right.

Gene | June 17, 2019

The Captain Marvel Of Lawyers

Sahmra is very thoughtful & caring. During our initial consultation she was able to calm my nerves and help me assess my situation rationally & without the emotion that often comes when legal assistance is needed. I have come to her several times since my initial case and will continue to seek her expertise in the future.

I highly recommend Sahmra to anyone seeking legal representation.

Francisco | April 15, 2019

Child custody, Child Support

I interviewed three lawyers before contacting Shamra Stevenson, Esq. regarding my child custody case. I was looking for the best attorney at a reasonable price and Ms. Stevenson’s law firm fit the bill. At a time when my situation seemed bleak and the likelihood of a satisfactory resolution seemed impossible Ms. Stevenson was able to assure me with her calm and empathetic manner. She gave me the assurance that my needs would be fully addressed. She was articulate and provided me with various perspectives on how best to handle my situation. Ms. Stevenson was helpful and responded to all my questions in a timely manner. She was well informed, knowledgeable and provided excellent services and guidance on my child custody case. As a professional she offered excellent services and responded to all my emails, texts, and telephone calls. As my lawyer she made herself accessible to me at all times and made me feel like an important client. I am extremely grateful for the excellent services Shamra Stevenson, Esq. has provided and would highly recommend her services to other prospective clients.

anonymous | January 08, 2019

Excellent Lawyer that Helped a Father with Custody

Sahmra assisted me with my custody case and she did a phenomenal job. After mediation I was worried that I was being taken advantage of and Sahmra turned everything around. I ended up with a better agreement than what we started with. I could not have asked for a better lawyer. She handles herself exceptionally well and I knew she was the reason I was able to get the agreement to a place I was comfortable with. It truly felt she was looking after my best interest and not her hourly pay, on several occasions she informed me that continuing to fight over a specific issue or wording would lead nowhere and just add hours of unnecessary work. I am very grateful that I found Sahmra and would suggest anyone in my situation to use her expertise.

Mark | January 08, 2019