Client Testimonials

Supportive, Compassionate an Honest

I needed an attorney to help me with my Child Custody/Visitation Modification, after a botched 1st attempt in another county. She jumped right in! I appreciated her keen insight of the local legal system, ability to articulate exactly what needed to be done, and setting expectations for what was to come. Whether it was exactly what I wanted or not, she helped me to have perspective in a way I was too emotional to see on my own. She is honest, compassionate and genuinely wants you to “win” so you can live your best life. Sahmra is an excellent attorney and knows what she is doing. She knows and practices the law wonderfully, but takes it a step further by being a good person first. We reached the finish line, and I have no doubt I would have made it there without her help. I am truly grateful and I enjoyed working with her.

Anonymous | December 15, 2017

Peace of Mind. Hire her!!

When I hired Sahmra Stevenson-Smith I was dealing with a very aggravating and stressful situation. After talking with and hiring her I was literally at ease. She kept me updated at all times and answered any question I had. I am satisfied with the outcome and truly have so much appreciation for her patience. I would hire her again in a heartbeat. If ever in the future I find myself in need of an attorney, she will be the one I call upon.

Shanda | December 15, 2017

Excellent Divorce Attorney

I hired Sahmra as my divorce attorney in 2016 and we were able to finalize my divorce in May 2017. She is very knowledgeable and professional. She kept me updated each step of the way which I believe helped to make it a smooth process.

Faith | December 15, 2017

Caring, Knowledgeable, Professional

After a tumultuous divorce, I found myself with no child support, no practical visitation agreement, and no idea of what to do next. I was referred to Sahmra by a dear friend from college. As soon as I stepped into her office her warm demeanor assured me that I’d made the right decision. She listened to my long, complicated history from beginning to end. She presented me with viable, sound solutions. She arrived to all court hearings promptly and she was prepared with adequate documentation to advocate for the needs of myself and my children. The outcome of my case was favorable. I was awarded child support and a visitation arrangement with the non-custodial parent that my kids and I are satisfied with. Additionally, I ended up getting to know someone I now consider a friend. I would not hesitate to refer Sahmra and I would have no reservations hiring her again in the future if any new issues should arise.

Tonette | December 15, 2017