Civil Litigation & Civil Rights

Civil Rights and the Resolution of Civil Matters

Civil law is the division of American jurisprudence that pertains to matters and disagreements between individuals, businesses or other entities. It differs from criminal law, which deals with offenses that are prosecuted by government authorities. Helping people involved in civil conflicts is the primary concern of S.A. Stevenson Law LLC.

The Importance of Civil Rights

Civil rights are directly concerned with the protection of personal freedoms of individuals or groups. Many of these freedoms are contained within the Bill of Rights portion of the U.S. Constitution and extend to such areas as free speech, public assembly and the right to worship. Other civil rights have been adopted through action of the U.S. Congress, by individual states or after rulings by state or federal courts. Designed to protect against discrimination based on such factors as age, race or sexual orientation, civil rights can be enforced at either the federal or the state level.

Understanding Civil Litigation

Adjudicated in civil courts, this type of litigation involves disagreements between two parties, which can include individuals, organizations or such large entities as corporations. Specific cases handled under civil law include divorce proceedings, business conflicts, real estate matters and personal injuries inflicted by others. Though not prosecuted in the same manner as criminal offenses, civil cases have similar elements, including plea arrangements, the appeal of verdicts and the exchange of evidence between the opposing sides.

The Need for Legal Representation

Litigating civil matters can be challenging and requires certain personal attributes, including knowledge of state and federal laws, good reasoning abilities and forceful advocacy skills. A Maryland civil litigation & civil rights attorney possesses these and other qualities, and can help those involved in a variety of personal disputes. A lawyer will provide advice throughout the legal process and will constantly search for the best possible outcome, taking the case before a jury if necessary. If you believe that your civil rights have been abused or for some reason require the help of a civil litigator, you should consider turning to the services available from S.A. Stevenson Law LLC.