Client Testimonials

Very professional and prompt

After searching for a lawyer to help with my child support/child custody case, I was referred to Ms. Stevenson. Ms. Stevenson was very professional and took the time to consult with me and listen to all of my needs. I decided to hire Ms. Stevenson and I’m so happy I did. Ms. Stevenson took care of everything as far as paperwork and filing motions on my behalf and she always kept me in the loop before and after filing any court documents, this was extremely helpful as I am a busy working mother. Ms. Stevenson was always very professional during my entire process and I am very pleased with the services she has provided me and my family!

Talesha | April 07, 2017

Second to None! Hire her NOW!

I hired Mrs. Stevenson-Smith in January 2016 to represent me in a very frustrating and time consuming separation, divorce and custody battle. I had spent 2 years going back and forth with my ex-husband over my requested custody of our children to no avail. Within SIX MONTHS of hiring Mrs. Stevenson-Smith, my separation agreement was enforced, all three of my children were living with me, and my divorce was settled!!

I truly appreciate her time and patience in representing me throughout this divorce process. Her professionalism and attention to detail during such a frustrating time has been a blessing and is much appreciated.

Nikeita | October 05, 2016

Child Custody

Ms. Stevenson was very professional and patient with me during my case. She advised me to the best of her knowledge, concerning my child custody case. She gave straightforward advice from the beginning until the end. I appreciate her assistance with my child custody case.

Anonymous | October 01, 2016


I hired Ms. Stevenson to handle my modification of child support and custody and I was super pleased. After coming from a lawyer I was not so fond of, Ms. Stevenson was very responsive and kept me in the loop every step of the way. She is very attentive and thorough and pays attention to every detail of the case. I would definitely use Ms. Stevenson again in the future.

Melanie James | March 12, 2016